The winners of our photo contest

The results of our Christmas photo contest, especially for our Project 3000 members, are in! Our proud winners are:
First prize goes to Ben and his proud adoptive parents. They will get a t-shirt signed by Fermín.
Second runner up goes to Gaia, Piccola and Totti’s adoptants. They can look forward to a Scooby moneybelt! 
Donnina our third runner up will soon be sent a digital work of art of herself, so her adoptive parents can enjoy her face all day long!
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who competed and who sent us over 40 gorgeous photos! And of course we hope to see you all back at Project 3000’s next event!
We also want to extend our thanks to everyone for visiting the photo competition and voting for their favourites. We received nearly 2300 votes! Incredible! We thoroughly enjoyed organizing this photo contest and are looking forward to the next one! Are you too?
The Project 3000 team.
PS: In case you don’t know what Project 3000 is all about, but you have gotten curious? You can find the most important information here: http://scoobymedina.blogspot.com/2011/08/project-3000.html