Gaby and Sylvia - our 2 black-white sweeties

Such sweeties they are and happy and joyful inspite of their hind leg problem.
White young  Gaby (age 8 months) had a thighbone fracture when she came in from Benavente. Not using her hind leg but that didn´t imply that she was not running around to play with the other dogs.

Sylvia (age 11 months)had a luxation of her hip. Also she played and made fun with the other dogs and didn´t seem to be  bother her  to only use 3 legs.

Of course both girlies needed surgery on their  legs which in the meantime has been done by Ivan, a friend-vet from our own vet Enrique. He is specialized in these surgeries and was willing to come over to Scooby to help the 2 young mix ladies. For the moment Gaby and Sylvia need to rest a lot and shouldn´t walk a lot, play or run. Every day we let them out of their kennel to walk around a little bit, get some sun and steel some bread or anything else which is interesting to do. It is not easy for them to stay calm, but until the 15th of December this will be their destiny. After that, if their legs are healed properly, they can enjoy again what all young ladies like: running, playing, do naughty things.