That particular Thursday morning it was very very foggy in Medina and surroundings. At a certain moment in the office the phone rang; a truck driver telling that he spotted  a stray dog near the Gas-station on the highway. If Scooby could come to catch this dog. Dani and Oscar jumped in the car to do so. On their way they found a big brown dying dog on this highway and supposely this was the dog to pick up. The poor thing had had a car accident and unfortunately didn´t make it. Rescue came just too late for him.

The boys moved to the Gas station in order to fill the tank of the car. There the truck driver who phoned to the office earlier told them about the little stray dog he spotted. Ahh, so the big brown dead dog on the highway was not the dog from the phone call. There seemed to be two stray dogs then. This one was a very small tricolored mix dog that was on the highway causing a lot of trouble for the drivers and the dog himself. Thick fog, busy traffic at that time of the day, Dani and Oscar who had to drive in contrary direction in order to get near the little dog…very scary and dangerous! The only solution to make this rescue successful was to ask help from the Guardia Civil. They came, managed the busy traffic to move on slowly or stop, lights everywhere, thick fog, a frightened fast little dog that ran from one part to the other between the cars, and our men who managed to get this little boy safely in the car. And the little thing bites. Fantastic…

But, a truck driver who witnessed this rescue on the highway came over to tell our boys that he saw a stray dog running on and near the railway! Without hesitation Dani and Oscar drove to the railway and after a while they saw this longhair Galgo, afraid, biting. They succeeded in catching this third dog also and brought all three of them home to Scooby. A triple rescue on an average working day. Although these adventures don´t occur every day, working in Scooby is never dull, not one dayJ

Goodbye brown stray dog, sorry we came too late for you.
Goodbye little tricolor  that was biting and brought many people in danger on the highway , you´re home again with your family that came to Scooby to pick you up.
Hello longhair Galgogirl Desi who is safe and taken care of in Scooby. You´re on hold already and are one of the sweetest strays I´ve ever met, good luck!