Thank you, thank you, thank you..

At this time, at the turn of the year, it’s normally a time to look back at the passing year, remembering all the things that went well for us and the things that didn’t go that well, and that is why I am writing this. To  make sure you won’t be bored  I will try to do it in various parts but today I want to express my profound gratitude to a lot of people, already knowing I am probably going to forget to mention somebody and that that is going to get me into trouble because that person or organisation might feel offended, but here we go. 
This year has been a year of crisis, a crisis that has affected us all, including Scooby and for this reason I need so say thanks more than anything to a lot of people, to the people who work with us and untiringly took care of all our animals, each one of them doing their tasks, it being either cleaning, repairing fences or building housing, healing them or transporting them,  day after day, in cold and heat, in rain or without water because the pipes froze.
Thanks to the increasing number of spanish volunteers, and we hope this number will keep on increasing because they are needed  for our animals. Of course thanks to our volunteers from other countries who have chosen to spend their time with our animals, instead of spending their holidays in luxurious hotels on the costa’s or any other part of the country, simply because they love animals in general but especially the ones we have here.
Thanks to all the associations that have put their trust in us and support us, without them our work would simply not be possible at all.
Thanks to all those people who have offered a home to one of our animals, this is in the end our absolute goal: giving all of them a home.
Thanks to all the people who dedicate themselves and make Scooby work and who are not in the frontline, but without whom all this would be very difficult:  the translators who make sure that our news is being distributed in 5 languages (and why I need to be short and  to the point, otherwise they will have more work!), the people who facilitate our website and ensure that our animals are put up there and being adopted, the people who have started the Project 3000, the people that take care of all the virtual adoptions, the real adoptions, those that carry our Scooby shop, in Spain as well as abroad, well actually all those people who (seen or unseen) make sure that Scooby keeps running smoothly.
And finally, and probably the most important, thanks to all you people who help us in any which way you can, either with material or mentally, donating your money or adopting our animals. Together we have navigated Scooby through this difficult year 2011. It hasnt been the first time we have hit difficult times and I am afraid it will not be the last, but I really hope we can always count on you, as the animals can count on us,  and we are working hard to do that .
From the bottom of my heart:  THANK YOU!