Emergency case - Scruffy

Scruffy can live with everything, other dogs, cats, would most likely also be a best friend for children as she is one of the cutest dogs ever, as all the workers and volunteers who know here will confirm but… she cannot live with unattended fences. And this has put her life in severe danger already several times in different ways. Now we needed to put her in a quarantine kennel with a roof to avoid something terrible happening. But it breaks our hearts to see her suffering there and this cannot be the solution for this happy and joyful girl. So we urgently look for a home for Srcuffy, best would be without a garden at all, where she is taken out for walks, or with somebody who works in the garden a lot and can always keep an eye on her. At least in the beginning since this behavior might change in a home where she gets some more attention and variety and doesn´t see the necessity to explore the world on her own. 
If  there is anybody who is willing to show the world  to this sweet explorer in a safe way please get in touch with us!!!