Maybe not a cold Christmas at Scooby after all?

Heating turned up, darkness falling early, maybe even snow - and let’s not forget the Christmas tree. Lights dimmed, holiday wreaths, bells and wee little snowmen decorating your room. Take another good look at your Christmas tree, what is it you spot lying below the tree? It’s your dog, curled up in his basket, next to the hot heating. Wouldn’t you wish such a happy, loving Christmas for every dog?

The Scooby dogs are waiting for owners just like you. Untill they find those owners they stay at Scooby and have to be cared for, which costs a lot of money.  A couple of months ago the contract with local communities wasn’t renewed. This contract meant  €3000,- a month for Scooby , for taking in stray dogs from the area. By losing this contract, Scooby loses this amount of money which means the dogs are looking at a very cold Christmas to come…

You can change this. What better Christmas present than a better life for the dogs? Do you know someone who is passionate about the fate of these dogs? Surprise him or her with a virtual adoption or a donation to  Project 3000!

Virtual adoption means chosing an animal whose care you are going to support . The animals selected are those who most probably will have to spend the rest of their lives at Scooby.  They get a lot of care and love from their regular caretakers all year round. Virtual adoption is €10,- a month, but when you give one year virtual adoption as a present you pay only €115,-.
Upon chosing a virtual adoption as a Christmas gift, the person receiving it will get:
·         A picture of the virtually adopted animal mailed;
·         The Adoption Certificate mailed;
·         Two e-mails (twice a year) with new pictures and news about the animal.
·         A lot of gratefulness from the Scooby animals and volunteers.

Project 3000 is a project which aims to collect the money Scooby is now falling short due to the contract that ended. The goal is to collect €3000,- a month, to achieve this goal we need:
·         600 people donating €5,-  a month, or
·         300 people donating €10,- a month, or
·         60  people donating €50,- a month.

Giving one of the above options as a gift will not only make that person happy, but also the dogs.
For more information on our virtual adoption scheme please check out the Scooby website where you can also find the form to give this beautiful gift for Christmas:

For more information on the Project 3000 please check out Scooby’s weblog: http://scoobymedina.blogspot.com/2011/08/project-3000.html

 Please remember to state in your e-mail that it’s about a gift, don’t forget to fill in the receptor’s e-mail as
 well so they can receive this newsletter and information on Scooby activities.  There is of course also the Scooby shop, where you can buy our fantastic new calendar among other wonderful gifts.

This year, please think not only of persons close to your heart, but also share the Christmas spirit with the Scooby dogs. Every dog deserves that cosy spot next to the Christmas tree, untill we get to that ideal Scooby is fighting for all the dogs in our shelter. Are you joining us?

Have a very warm Christmas,
On behalf of all the Scooby dogs