Please help us to save Scooby and all its animals!!!

As you might have read, the regional contract for Scooby to take in stray or abandoned dogs from the pounds will not be renewed, which means we have lost 3000 € per month, however the influx of dogs coming to our shelter still remains very high. The loss of these funds makes it very difficult to maintain the level of care and operation at Scooby.

This is why we need your help!

If all of you can donate at least 5 € a month during a whole year, we can save Scooby together and continue all the work we have been doing for the past 25 years. It would be a shame if all our expierence of saving dogs and other animals will be lost due to a financial crisis. What will happen to dogs that will be abandoned when there is no Scooby anymore? All shelters in Spain are dealing with the same situation, they have more dogs than they can handle, so most of these dogs will die an unplesant death since no one is able to take over.

We cannot let that happen!

Project 3000 means finding 600 people who are willing to donate at least 5 € a month.

It’s only like 2 cups of coffee or a magazine less per month, but it means life or death for our animals and Scooby of course. With the 5 € you save by just sacrificing one thing a month, you are surely able to support Scooby. We really hope that among the thousands of adopters and supporters we have had throughout the years, we can find 600 kind souls who will not let us down.

Or maybe you are even able to do without 10 € a month which means, we only need to find 300 people who are willing to support us and skip their cakes they take with their coffee, too.

Or what about 60 persons who are capable of contributing 50 € a month to curb the deficit we’ve got?
Fermin said “ I’ll be the first one, since for health reasons I’ve quitted smoking and part of the money I save by not smoking will be spent on the club of 60.

If you as a company are willing to support us in this important matter, the club of 60 would be the ideal option.

We also need to tell that although it’s important that we receive donations, it is very important that you see this on a long term scale, so we need a commitment - even governments are in crisis and it is us who want to help the animals who have to face this.

Some of you might even be able to find some family members who want to join us or maybe you can find people at the company where you work or at your school or university. Please do also share the idea on the social networks.

We cannot continue without your commitment! If we do nothing now, we will have to close our doors at the end of the year. We think that none of you wants this to happen.

Want to join us?
We really hope that after reading this you will want to make a commitment to Scooby and of course we will also give you something in return. For your monthly donation of 5 € minimum or a yearly donation of 60 €, you will receive a newsletter, and we will also organize special online events and giveaways you can participate in as member! How does that sound?
How to sign up?
You sign up by sending us an e-mail with following information:
  • your name
  • the name that’s on your bank account,
  • your country
  • information about whether you´d prefer to pay on a monthly or annually base and the amount
  • your e-mail address to recieve our newsletters and special deals.
  • for US supporters please add your paypal e-mailaddress for you invoice.

In any case, be sure to designate that your payment is a donation to Scooby Project 3000!

For Germany, Switzerland, Austria and countries not listed below, send a mail in German, English or Spanish to sabine@scoobymedina.com and pay to the following account
Volksbank Mönchengladbach
Kto-Nr. 140 704 2014
BLZ: 310 605 17
IBAN: DE52310605171407042014

For Spain send your mail to educacioncanina@scoobymedina.com and pay to the following account :

Nr. 0103853927
IBAN: ES2901283467710103853927

For Holland, Belgium and France send an email in Dutch or English to saskia@scoobymedina.com and pay to one of the following accounts:

IBAN: NL52RABO0115246274

Baarle Hertog
Nr: 733-0462538-72
IBAN: BE38733046253872

For the USA you will send your sign up form to saskia@scoobymedina.com  and we will send you a monthly paypal invoice to pay to.

For Canada, you will send your sign up form to saskia@scoobymedina.com and you can pay to the following account:

Bank of Montreal account number 
Scooby # 3061-8627-953
Or Make cheques payable to:
c/o Eva Andrews
460 King Edward Street
Paris, Ontario
N3L 3E3

For the U.K. You will send your sign up form to info@greyhoundcompassion.com and you can pay to the following account, it’s the best way to set up at standing order and pay to

Greyhound Compassion's bank account number: 65262362 / sort code: 08 92 99

For cheques:

Greyhound Compassion
PO Box 959
St. Albans

Please mark your payment as “Scooby 3000” So Greyhound Compassion can seperate the money from others.

The Scooby Team and all its animals