Milo - A heart on 4 paws

12/16/2011 ADOPTED

I´d like to bring Milo to your attention today with a special update.
He is a simply adorable dog, a bit submissive but not timid, friendly and modest.

When you come into the paddock he usually lays don´t in front of you and rolls on his back. He is a baby in an impressing body.
He can live with males and females but would also be fine as a single dog and won´t ask for much, just some attention and cuddles. Although I could see the leash was for sure new to him he also scored in this discipline but that didn´t take me by surprise at all!

Born only in app. 2009 he is already waiting for more than 14 months and I find this very sad.
So if you are willing to give a home to the heart on 4 paws, please contact us soon!
Enjoy the videos, one showing him on the leash, the other one his typical behavior!