Our favourite oldies

Gorda and Laguna arrived to Medina in spring. They came from another shelter and needed an operation because they had tumors. They recovered well and remain here because they found a place among the oldies and in the heart of every volunteer and people working in Scooby.

Gorda is always near the door so everybody coming in or out must stop and say hello to her. Laguna greets you with a ball in her mouth asking you to spend some minutes playing with her. When the ball is missing anything can become a toy for her (a branch, a rope…)
The best way of making them happy is taking both for a walk. Gorda comes running, with small happy jumps and Laguna follows her, the fastest she can with her aching legs. They are used to the leash but they can be free because they come as soon as you call them. Gorda looks for a “swimming pool” and loves rolling in the water. And meanwhile Laguna goes everywhere and smells everything.

All the oldies are now a bit more active and playful because these two pretty girls have filled the garden with life, enthusiasm and happiness.