I am going to tell you a story about animals, one of those stories that can only happen in my country. This story started a year ago, I saw an ítem in the newspaper about some abandoned horses in a village, so immediately I tried to get information on what was happening with these horses, I called the Guardia Civil and they did not want to give me information, and directed me to the goverment of Castilla y Leon, so I did. I got in touch with the local governement and asked around, and I was told that everything was under control, that the animals were in good hands.  Even with this information I told them they could count on us if they needed to and if something happened..  Of course they did not tell me anything and we never heard anything about the horses. Until this year, where an article appeared in the newspaper about some horses in a sorry state in Penafiel, some of them dead. Seprona got in touch with us because they had passed it by the court for animal negligence and apparantly we are the only ones that can legally take them up in the province of Valladolid. So we went to pick them up, a total of 7 in very poor condition, skinny with skin problems, and oh what a surprise, these are the same ones that a year before were left behind and I just ask myself, would it not have been easier to have picked up the animals before, instead of waiting untill their condition deteriorated like it has now?  Anyway, those that are here, are here and need a lot of treatment, we have deparasited them internally and externally, they have been visited by the vet to be treated and identified and now we need you to help us continue our rescues.. please donate today. Kisses, hugs and loving licks from all of us. Fermin

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