Coffee was left while  she was giving birth, by  a woman who was
    driving a black car. A neighbor saw everything, and just in the
    moment that this woman started the car and went away, she began
    hearing screams of pain. When this neighbor approached the area
    where they where, she saw Coffee, with one baby dead, and 6 more
    babies fighting to live.

 Coffee was scared, she did not understand anything, she was not
    understanding how its family had left her there, she was not
    understanding why her owner had started the car and had gone
    away, leaving her there with this terrible pain. She was so scared,
    for that reason she tried to bite everybody who walked close to her.
    Everybody went there to see the poor dog with the new-born puppies.
    But nobody helped her.

Police called us and we went to look for her. Everybody told us that
    we should not approach her, because she could bite us.
    When we came to her, we stopped next to her, and we saw this poor dog,
    with the pups around her, with one of them dead, disoriented, and
    crying.We stretched out our hand, and she came to our lap, sat down next to us and we  could take all the pups. 
    She knew that we were going to help her, and she waited for us beside
    our car. She didn t know where she was going, but she knew it couldn t
    be worse that the place where they had left her. Coffee trusted in
    us, and we are going to do all the possible to save Coffee and her
    babies. They are very weak and we need help to help them.