E-Mail to Fermin
Hi Fermin
I am sending you the pictures and the story of the cat I found in the woods. 
We named him Pinon because we found him under a pinetree.
 I have not been able to take a closer look yet to see if it is female or male,
 and if it has been castrated but because of the size we think it might be male.
I reported the case to the Guardia Civil, do you want me to send you a copy of that too?
The officer was very disagreeable, he first said we could not even make a report about this, 
and then I said it was a case of abandonment and abuse, but from what I can see they don't 
see it that way.
They told me they were not even going there to take a look or investigate, that they would only register it and archive it
 I don't know if you need anything else? Are you going to publish soon?
 Well, if you need anything, just call.

One Sunday afternoon after a tremendous shower we went for a walk as usual with our dogs on the roads around our village.
A few kilometers from the village, in a small plot with pinetrees, we saw a carrying case next to one of the trees. We went to see what was in it and there was Piñón, an adult cat, a big one (approx. 7 kg), with a lost look and in a state of shock, unable to move because of how frightened he was. He had not even tried to get out of the carrying case and run…
Someone had taken him from his home to this plot to leave him there, just abandoned him.
He was lucky!  Because we found him and could get him to safety in time!
We watched him, talked to him, touched him to see if he was OK and he started meowing very frightened.. but at least he had come out of his shock!
He was abandoned and scared, in the middle of nowhere, and he could nog understand why his family has brought him to the woods and just left him there. They had taken him out of his home and he had never been out on the street, he had only seen the streets from the windows of his home.
After making sure he was ok, we closed the carrier and took it to a safer place, our home. On the way home we passed a square in the village, and in one garbage container they had thrown all his stuff.  They had thrown it in the garbage, his blanket, his comb, his foodbowl, his litterbox… everything!  They had just gotten rid of him and all the things that belonged to him.
He asks himself: why don’t they love me anymore? He is very sad.  Now Piñón is looking for a home where he can find the happiness of a family once again.