6 days, 10000 Km & the rescue of 210 dogs and 12 cats part 2 and 3

I didn´t get home till 12 or 1am on Monday and went to sleep. 3:30 am on Tuesday, my alarm goes off. On the go again, van ready for our trip to Andalucía and Extremadura to collect galgos and podencos. This time, it's Hoover and myself who take the 2 vans in which we manage to bring back around 110 dogs. Hoover will tell his bit and I will tell you mine.
After driving through the depths of Andalucía for longer than expected thanks to our navigation system, which took us through some difficult (yet enjoyable) routes, our first stop was in Baena (Córdoba).There, I came across 2 female dogs, a galga and a podenca who had been abandoned with no chip and who came aboard the van.
From there, we head to Marinada, where we find 5 more dogs, amongst which were a podenca (missing a leg) and a few galgos which coats were in bad condition. I load them onto the van and drive to Sevilla where Lorena is waiting for me with some galgos and a podenca with her three pups – I will tell you about this particular dog's story in a separate part.
Off to Extremadura next. Two stops: one in Badajoz and another in Cáceres, places where I witnessed how little the galgueros care about their dogs, simply handing them over without a second thought, like they were nothing more than trash. Lorena was waiting for me in Cáceres with another 10 dogs (most of which were galgos) all crammed in her Renault Clio with 2 other persons. The whole scene reminded me of the Marx brothers' cabin from the movie A Night at the Opera! Living creature after living creature kept coming out of that vehicle!
In the end, all of them came in the van with us and a very exhausted but happy Fermín made his way back to Scooby after another job well done.
I arrived in Valladolid at 7pm having done 1800Km and rescued around 50 dogs . I hadn´t eaten anything so got myself a pizza (not a very goood one I must add...) and went to bed as another hard days work awaited the next day.

6 days, 10000 Km & the rescue of 210 dogs and 12 cats part 3

2:45am. The alarm clock goes off and it's time to get up; another hard day's work, but this one's different. Once this day reaches its end my holidays will begin.
This time it's Cristina who comes to Murcia with me to collect quite a lot of dogs and a few cats. There's a lot of traffic along the way due to it being Holy Thursday, but we manage to get there in the end.
Waiting for us there were the people of Murcia with 6 galgos.
We collected a galga and her pups from Marina de Bullas (I will update you about her story another time) and a cat & the kittens from her most recent litter and 2 from a previous one who had survived and been rescued by the people of Bullas. We also collected 2 very timid podencos (which we'll tell you about another time) and last but not least all the dogs María had rescued from the clutches of the galgueros. We are currently investigating what could be a real scandal here in Mazarrón involving galgueros, but we will inform you about it when we can.
In total today we rescued 60 dogs and 6 cats all of which would now be dead if it weren't for SCOOBY and YOUR help. 6 days, 100000km and lots of rescued animals.
Please please please, let us carry on doing our job by donating now.
As always, kisses, hugs, gentle nibbles and licks from all of us. Fermín

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