We present you: Nieves

We called her that because of her black coat, she is a podenco that they use in “rehalas” combined herds. We picked her up in Marinada and they did not know how she had lost her foot. I don’t think that is true, they use these poor animals to hunt wild boars and I am sure that in one of the encounters with the wild boars she has hurt her foot and nobody did anything to heal it untill she simply lost it. She is very good and is looking for somebody to adopt her, we are going to try and find a prosthesis for her and we are going to need you help. Please donate today. Kisses, hugs and loving licks from all of us. Fermin

Ways to help us:
Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK