Another transport

4 in the morning , another transport. Today we are doing two trips into Andalucia, “the boss” will go on one to Cordoba and Extremadura, and I will do the route to Cadiz and Sevilla to rescue about 100 pets, a trip of almost 4000 km and about 18 hours of driving, but it is something we promised to do and a moral obligation.
The first stop is “El Palmar” where Francisco is waiting, he is the one taking care of getting the galgos that the galgueros don’t want anymore, and he hands over 18 galgos, 5 podencos and a mother podenco with two pups of just 2 weeks old. They have a lot more dogs but it is imposible to take them all so we leave them with the rest of people that work with us .
At La Venta de las Angulas, old acquaintances in these trips, there are 13 more galgos, as always well organized and a quick pickup. From here I go to Guadalema, and during this trip something happened that I don’t wish for nobody.. from one minute to the other a dog starts to bark (which is pretty usual because the dogs move within the cages) but this bark was loud and more of a howl so I stopped and went to see what happened.. I can not for the life of me imagine how he did it but one of the dogs had put one if his hind legs in a hole in the bars, and with the bad luck of doubling it without being able to retract it. I went to look for help quickly and was lucky enough to find a Factory close by where they could borrow me some pliers so I could remove a part of the bars of the cage.  In his desire to get rid of the pain, the dog had already started to bite the trapped leg, hurting himself in the process, but fortunately we could reléase him quickly, imagine what it could have led to..
Guadalema, 6 more galgos, a woman hands over the dogs she received from a hunter who had died himself, two of them in a sorry state, one with a broken shoulder and another with skin problems because of all the ticks he has covering him. Last stop Sevilla where I only pick up one of the two planned, who has got a small wound in its hind leg.
At 10 pm I return to the refuge, the “Boss” has gotten in two hours before with almost 60 dogs, all of them already in the paddocks in Scooby Medina, and the ones that need medical attention like the one with the accident in the car are being taken care of by the vets, thank you Jose for being there at those hours when we returned with the dogs.
Another long days comes to an end but with the knowledge we have done something right, so that makes it worthwhile, you don’t feel tired anymore, just more motivated to keep on working for them.

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nibbles and licks from the Scooby team and the animals.*  

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