6 days, 10000 Km & the rescue of 210 dogs and 12 cats, part 1

I'm going to start by telling you about the crazy week we've had, and for that, I'll need to rewind to last Saturday at around 3:30pm when we began our journey to Holland with 45 dogs and 6 cats. As usual, I picked my amazing co-pilot Cristina up in Burgos and started our journey to Holland. At Bordeaux, we swap drivers and I go on “sleep mode” complete with my sleep mask and ear plugs. When we get to Paris it`s my turn again and as we drove through it you could tell it was Saturday night as we came across lots of crazy drivers.

At about 200km passed Paris we swap drivers again and eventually reach Balkbrug where we unload all our beautiful animals – all in one piece – and we start loading all the food and toys donated for the animals. Since we had a bit of space left, we went to Lucy and Vanessa's house in Amberes to collect more food. Our van was now full to the brim  so had to think of excuses we could give the police in case we were stopped by them and also trust Cristina's ability to fake some crocodile tears if need be! We returned to Lommel to spend the night at Hellen's who, as usual, treated us to a beautiful meal. The next day we made our way back to Spain with no significant incidents to report apart from the traffic jams at the ring roads of Paris and Brussels. We got home at around midnight, tired but proud of a job well done.

As always, kisses, hugs, gentle nibbles and licks from all of us. Fermín