Abandoned cat or not

At Scooby we sometimes think that people must think we are a bit stupid. Let me explain. Thursday in the afternoon a couple arrived with a cat that they said they found on the road to Olmedo, close to where we are (what a coincidence!). Of course we took care of the cat, but you already know that our people are very smart and they saw the cat was well cared for and smelled a lot of perfume.
The most important thing to us are the animals, they are the first we think of, that goes without saying, but we think that everybody needs to be responsable for their animals and take care of them, because every case like this, where there is an owner, takes up a space that is needed for a really abandoned animal.
For this we call the attention of all owners to act responsibly, that they take care of their animals and that they don’t get rid of them whenever they want, and even less with excuses and outright lies. And therefore we are obliged to tell owners that this situation will not happen again.