Ok this is another case and I will show pictures , if I am able to get them out of my phone, around 20 dogs, hunting dogs in a very bad shape, somebody named Ruth from Madrid was on holidays there and walking she found these animals, Luz saw it on Facebook and she told me and you know me I cannot keep my big mouth shut, so I saw the pictures and I decide that we need to do something , it is quite far from us but you know nothing is far enough to stop the mistreatment of animals , so I phoned Raquel, our lawyer in the Bullas case and she and us phoning with the help of the local police we got that the man has vaccinated and chipped all the dogs and has started to build something appropriate for them, we needed to be quite strong because somebody told us that this is suitable for hunting dogs, no shadow, no housing , full of shit and somebody can say that this is suitable, I think some people need to learn a bit what is suitable and what is not. We will be watching also this case. Licks, Kisses and hugs for all the ones that have only our voice. Fermín