The history of Xena and Carlo

This is a history that is quite common lately , I am starting with Xena, supposedly she was lost at the main square of Medina del Campo, we rescued her and then we tried to reach the owner, we couldn’t find the owner so we report the abandonment thinking, innocent as we are, that the justice will look for him and prosecute him, well it has not happend, while it happens we found the owner and ask him to come, pick up the dog to pay the expenses that we have had for several vet treatments and all the rest or just to change the microchip ownership into our name so we can rehome the dog, he refused everything, he is not coming to pick up the dog and also he want us to pay 300 euros for changing the ownership of the dog, everything has been reported and until now , two years later nothing has happened, the poor Xena is still at our shelter waiting for the authorities to do something.

The other one is Carlo, he has a microchip , we tried to trace the owner but he is registered in Madrid the phone doesn’t work and the registration has not a place where to Trace the owner and what to do then? . I really don’t know sometimes why microchip is a must in Spain when we find cases like this nobody does anything and I am really becoming too angry about this.

We have also another cases and I will make public later , like the case of Aida , we also have had several successful cases and we will tell you also. How you can see we are working on a lot of different levels , please support us to keep fighting for them. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin