The sad history of Manolin.

His name is Manolin and he is a happy and playful Drattar Puppy no more than 4 months old, but he has develop a disease and we don’t know what is it , our vet is not sure , the only thing that we know for sure is that one eye is lost and the other one could follow, we need to take him to an eye specialist and it is very expensive, I hope that he can have treatment , because it seems the same disease that we had with one galga not so long ago, by the way she is rehomed in France , trough Levriers sans Frontieres, by the way I would like to know how is she now. Ok we are going to need a lot of money for vet and treatments and also a foster home while the treatment , and obviously a permanent home for Manolin, so please help us to help Manolin. Fermín