Galgos,Galgos, Galgos

he hunting season has finished six months ago, but we still find abandoned galgos.
Only today, four more galgos were found in the streets of Salamanca and arrived this morning in Medina.
They will be checked by our vet, vaccinated, microchipped (they obviously don't have a chip, like almost all the galgos found in the streets), dewormed.
They  will be given a name, depending on the face, color, attitude, sympathy, and they finally will become "someone".
Then, they will be uploaded into our database and will be available for adoption.
They'll be there, looking at you through the screen with their enormous eyes, like fisheyes, hoping  that some of you will fall in love with him or her.
And if it would be you?
Take a look at our dogs up for adoption here, you never know, and maybe today it's your lucky day!