Day number 1 for our new fosterlings from Merida...

...of their new life.

As you can see there´s a lot of work and expenses lying ahead us but we are so happy to have them here in safety and now we are looking forward to the challenge to change their shape and also to conjure the spark of life back in their sad eyes. What they seem to be longing for most, next the food of course, is warmth. Although they are all wearing at least one coat, they spend every possible minute in the sun as if they need to charge their solar cell. For this reason we would love to fill our empty gas-tank, so we can turn on the heating above their baskets during the cold nights. That´s another 1500 Euro for which we are asking your help. 

But we don´t just want to ask for money but also send out a profound thank you to all of you who already donated for these dogs. You are fantastic people and we are so happy we can count on our friends when we need them.

We will keep you posted about the progress of the dogs and for now, have a look at their first day: