We need your help 2

Winter has come and our horses are outside, so we made them some shelters and we put some coats on them. The coats were free but the shelters costed us a lot but it was clear we could not leave them out in the open.
And if that is not enough, we have a load of puppies and kittens that are certainly adorable, these little podenco and galgo mixes, and they need a house now, they really need a home now, these stories about this little black puppy that came in undernourished and with decalcified legs, and our little kittens with the enormous pupils, the expenses with the puppies are enormous, if they don’t  have parvo they have something like calicivirus or rhinotracheitus, some of the smaller galgomixes had parvo, well several have had parvo but these two were in a very serious state and luckily have managed to get ahead, and of course it is obvious that when they are not feeling well we need to put the heater on and our electric bill has skyrocketed, so as you can see our bills are huge and therefore we need your help to pay them. Kisses, hugs, bites and loving licks, Fermin