Promotion, promotion and promotion.

In Scooby we never stop, we are all always moving and creating  events to promote the adoption of our animals. Under the slogan "Do not buy, adopt" we organized a “Pet Day” in Zamora, Salamanca, Medina del Campo and Laguna de Duero. But The Big Day will be next December, 22nd, Sunday in Valladolid, when we will be together in a funny  meeting, even with presents for the best disguise in Valladolid, Zamora and Salamanca. Always with the slogan “Do not buy, adopt” in order to let people know that animals are not toys. We need a lot people to help us coming, because we'll go for a walk disguised with our pets in a fun and vindictive plan. ANIMALS ARE NOT TOYS. I hope the people who belong to the association may come along disguised with their pet. We will be seen and we'll also be laughter. You are invited!!