A lucky donkey

You have heard it in other stories, the typical phonecall about an animal in need of help, and there we go, this is one of the things I like about Scooby; where there is an animal in need, there we are going without caring about the distance or how much it is going to cost us.
When we went to see her, the owner told us boldly that he was waiting for her to die of thirst or hunger, that due to the crisis raising donkeys wasn’t profitable anymore without any subsidies so I am afraid we will be picking them up more and more. The certain thing was that the bas**rd of an owner had her tied up next to the food but he made sure the leash was short enough so she would not be able to reach it.
The good thing is that the vet has seen her today and within limits she is fine and only needs food and somebody to take care of her wounds, and above all she has a big appetite so we think and hope she will be doing fine soon. A sad bray with all my love for this poor thing that has to suffer because of humans. Fermin.