Short news

As we are in the era of the images instead of the word, I will give you some short updates with a lot of images. Gracia, our mare was very sick last tuesday and we called the vet who confirmed she wasn’t feeling well because she had a colic. With horses it’s a serious disease but he also told us it was probably cause because she was pregnant and almost due, so here we are again, pregnant  and waiting and so far things are going well, the colic was gone without any problem.
The donkey is doing a lot better, she no longer falls and she’s a little troublemaker sometimes. She doesn’t trust humans at all so occasionally you have to watch out for a little kick or so, so we are attentive. We have trimmed the hooves and cut part of her hair.
We collected a new goat.. the vet Benavente called us to say they had picked up a goat and obviously didn’t know what to do with it so as a result, here it is with us, this will surely not be a surprise.
The construction of the new hospital is going well, and it really is still very necessary because the number of operations we perform there is huge and you will realize that when we will let you know this years statistics, that are, as always, spectacular.
Kisses and affectionate licks, Fermin