Why things happen

You all probably know I am a teacher in addition to scientist and therefor I always tell my students to ask themselves why things happen the way they do,  much like a person with a scientific interest is always asking himself why, why do things happen the way they happen, it’s obviously not by coincidence or because of divine intervention, at least in the majority of cases, when this same maxim is applied to human behaviour we are talking about something called empathy and here we arrive at something that is really missing in human relations, in Spain we say we know more sillyness in other people’s  homes than in our own, we are probably a bit arrogant or perhaps what this saying really reflects is the lack of emphaty, it is far more easier to critisize than try and understand why things happen the way they do and maybe it’s simply the case that my intelligence fails to understand certain human behaviours and instead recognize my own limitations as a human. I have been critisizing the work of others, to me particularly the whole world feels good unless they prove me otherwise, but the truth is that it’s hard work admitting this, I will have my cake and eat it, considering humans as animals, i.e., pure and good beings.
It’s a sound though different philosophy and because of that I consider it a fact that evil can not be installed in a group as large as the galgueros, but it is rather a matter of ignorance, of tradition, something I have seen happening all my life, but perhaps because I'm very innocent, or perhaps because I'm Spanish, I refuse to admit that cruelty to animals is a dominant gene that persists in the Hispanic genome, more than anything because if that were the case I would have been affected by this very genome too and I know that is not the case.
This is why I have started talks with the Federación Española de Galgos, the Spanish Galgo Federation, precisely because I believe that by talking you can make people understand and also it’s a matter of education, our valid speaking partner is the FEG and it is more so because – and this will shock you even more, there are things that we can reach agreements upon, among other things we believe that the breeding of greyhounds must be controlled and supervised by any official body, they should not breed animals without any controll, all the dogs will be identified, will be vaccinated and will be bred under circumstances that meet their natural needs.
On the other hand is essential to show the galgueros they have a responsibility towards their animals from when they are born until they die and that therefore all those natural steps in all living beings have be conducted in a dignified and legal form, we need to breed less animals and raise them better and when the dogs reach the end of their careers as runners is when there is a problem, from my point of view we need to care for them until the end of their natural life but as that is not something that is going to happen, at least not for the time being, we need to make a choice between legally killing them or leaving them in a shelter so they are rehomed in families, because here we have to be realistic, the shelters today unfortunately have not enough capacity to take in all the dogs that are abandoned each year, which means some have to be sacrificed in a way that is both legal and humane,  which presents us with another problem: not many vets are willing to euthanize healthy dogs, a difficult subject but one has to respect their ethical reservations.
And the dogs that end up in the shelter? Is it ethical for the galguero to leave his dogs there, just like that? I am convinced that this doesn’t happen elsewhere without in most of the cases a small fee that needs to be paid, for me always too small, for the always large act of abandonement, so my point of view is that the galgeuros cannot get into this process for free, nothing in life is for free and all my experiences with galgueros taught me nothing matters to them more than someone scraping the contents of their pockets, and for this a very effective way to stop the breeding is making them scrape out money every time, they won’t be dumping so many animals. They are breeding indiscriminately because, as it occurred to me, when we went to the villages to collect animals, they were training the younger dogs and as if it were a grace they were saying, 'look these are going to lead the coming year'.
Kisses, hugs, bites and loving licks.
(to be continued)