Hello, Hello, Hello

Hello hello hello

It’s been a while since I have told you anything and it is because  I have been real occupied with nice things and some not so nice, and the thing is that in the end I was practically wanting to get back to work so I could concentrate on you and the animals. I will tell you about my summer, which started with a trip with dogs together with Cristina, our tireless volunteer that makes all the trips and I want to thank her for if it wasn’t for her, the animals would not reach your homes, thanks Christina, but she is also one of those girls that can help you with anything; she just as soon cleans a yard as she constructs a new animal housing, but let me tell you about the trip. Everything went well, even with me not having gone for a long time I  was a little afraid I could not do it anymore, but I could, and I felt really good, wasn’t tired and I could still do it. On the way back it was terribly hot, we were at a service station in Belgium with our truck loaded with food, like always thanks to your very appreciated donations (in this case and the next trip the food has been donated by Galgos Ardennes Bleue, thank you very much from us and our dogs!). Anyway, we were getting there and all of a sudden I heard “clank”.. I thought nothing of it and we filled the tank and were preparing to continue and we heard all of a sudden clank, clank, clank, something had fallen off the truck, we were so happy that it happened on the way back and not the incoming trip, so we got out and tried to find out what the disaster was, fortunately it was nothing big, it was just the exhaustpipe that had fallen off, so we had it cool down a bit and tried to find a way to fix it, but we had a little problem because with my slender belly so  I could not get on my back and fit  under the truck, so it was up to Cristina, fortunately she did fix it and to prove it we got you some pictures, the exhaust pipe fastened and we went on our way back, another trip and another batch of dogs in their new homes. So far so good for today. Kisses, hugs and loving bites, and above all thank you for being there! Fermin