We need your help

We need your help in placing 24 horses that have been offered to us, they are animals from a village in the Segovia region, they were born there and raised practically wild, they are in several meadows and escape, causing traffic problems, for the neighbours the moment has come that it is difficult to solve the situation, but they have only two options: one is they are rescued by us or/and some other organisations helping us, or the other possibility is killing them, to be honest that option hurts my soul, but if we cannot get help soon that will be the outcome; I don’t know how we are going to be able to solve this, I for my part am trying to locate some meadows and some stables to accomodate these animals,  on the other hand we need help for their medical treatment and for putting up fences, I am aware that we also have our dogs and that we already have enough on our hands with our dogs and cats, but  if I have to be honest when you tell me that there is an animal that is going to be sacrificed and is in my hands, I am going to save them or at least try, the idea of having to save those poor animals keeps spinning in my head, I can send you some pictures, tell me if I’m right or not, we are looking for your help because those animals depend on us. Kisses, hugs, bites and loving slobbers. Fermín