Christmas with the Galgos! Donations needed.

    Scooby North America would like to invite you to help support our dogs by joining us in this fundraising event.

Scooby North America exists exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as the voice between the Scooby Animal Refuge in Medina del Campo, Spain and the people of North Americ
    Since this is a Facebook event we need you to take a picture of your donation, with information on the item (example – color, size, shipping and handling and estimated cost).  You will be responsible for shipping your item, so it is up to you if you want to charge shipping and handling.
     We desperately need donations to make this event a success.  The shelter is completely full with animals and we need money for food, fencing and medical.
     There are three ways you can help…
·         Message Val Pankhurst – Val is our generous hostess for managing this event.  You can message her with pictures and info at vpankhurst@shaw.ca.
·         Message Me – Diane Ward at diane@scoobymedina.com with pictures and info
·         Message Sharon Conger at sharon@scoobynorthamerica.org with pictures and info
 Thank you in advance for generosity!
The Scooby Team