Story of a number

 The history of galgos is full of numbers, how many are born, how many die,
how many are killed, how many are saved, how many are adopted.
But each of these numbers has a story, often sadly similar .
Luckily, each of these numbers, stops to be a number when it comes to
Scooby, crosses the entrance door and regains identity and dignity.
Herman was one of these, a number, one of the many who came in at the end of the winter, exhausted and scared, one walking skeleton, a pile of bones and fears.

Seeing his photos now, months later, is a great emotion for us.
Some of his friends didn't survive, have lost the hope a step away from the true life.
But Herman is a lucky number, during the months he has increased his weight but above all his confidence.

His will to live is our joy seeing him run and play.
He's unrecognizable, now is ready to go home .
He needs an happy ending, to redeem the lives of those who didn't have one and will not have an happy ending.

He doesn't need anything else.