I don’t know where to start

I don’t know where to start, I have so many things to tell you about and I don’t want to get mixed up because I want to tell you all about it, so I will start with the most urgent issue: kittens and pups.
It is completely crazy here since like I told you before, picking up stray animals is the task of the local governments or even provinces, and the thing is that anybody can bid on them, so our policy is that we put in a bid when it would have been appointed to a company that tends to kill the picked up animals, because we think that we give them a better chance. Sometimes I think we’re wrong because some adopters feel better if they save an animal from one of those killing places and since we don’t do that they assume that ours can wait, wait and wait.. but all this waiting has led to 500 dogs and over 150 cats, an enormous quantity and even then we still have the other contracts and that means more and more animals in our care. Animals that eat, shit and need a place in your heart as soon as possible, and a place in your homes too. I am going to show you the little ones but later on I am also going to show you the adult ones. I really think that since people know that the pickup of animals is being handled by a rescue organisation and they know they are not going to be put down, this will only lead to a larger number of abandonment, people are no longer ashamed when they want to get rid of their pet because they think that we as rescue organisation can deal with it, that we are capable of taking in each and every one of them without having to put down anyone of them, but I fear that if we won’t be able to find a place for a lot of our mixes, it is going to be very hard, so that is why we are looking for partner shelters in Europe that are willing to take up our little furry friends, and please find them homes because winter is coming and it is getting very cold here. Kisses, hugs, little bites and licks from all of us, Fermin.