The reasons behind everything II

As what I have said earlier, someone objected that are “galgueros” and that if we don’t pick them up they will kill them in any horrible way. I have to admit that in some cases may be so, but in most it is not. Maybe it is because they have become more civilized or because they are afraid of the negative publicity that this represents but the fact is that there are fewer cases of extreme cruelty. Although I think they still exists, they have just learnt to hide it better. Well, FEG (Federacion Española de Galgos) agrees with all of this and from here we can reach agreements to improve the lives of galgos. Anyway I have been in this world too many years and I haven’t seen any improvement. It is always the same, we criticize “galgueros” strongly, call them every name in the book, pick them up their dogs at the end of the hunting season, we denounce any cruel case and nothing changes and so on, year after year. This strategy has not lead anywhere, insulting, not only in this area but also everywhere else. For me another clear example is the problem with the bulls. The more Spaniards are insulted because of the bulls, the more they will try to keep and defending their traditions and national identity. In fact because of this defense, Catalonia took advantage of the fact that they do not consider themselves part of Spain to prohibit the bullfighter spectacle (it was a political matter, more than an animal welfare policy).
In any case, we will modify our strategy, even if that means to sit and brainstorm with our “enemies” (as we say, “more flies are killed with honey than with gall”). As long as getting the money from the “galgueros” when they leave their dogs in the shelter, this is something I consider fair, as our governmental administration does not have to pay for this. This is something we agree with FEG. This money is not dirty money, as someone has mentioned before, but it is by justice that the leavers have to pay for it. Although I recognize that this is not fair for us either, animal lovers who have to pick them up, pay for it and work for them while they keep producing galgos in this way without punishment. I strongly believe that galgos must not be diminished against any other breed of dog. We cannot justify abusive, rewarding them making up free abandonment, but what we have to achieve is to enforce the laws, to identify all of them and to have a control over the destination of each one of our animals. To be honest, I am not 100% sure that this strategy will work, the only thing I know is that we cannot continue as before. We have spent many years doing the same and obviously that does not work or at least not as I wanted it to work. Kisses, hugs, bites and loving licks. Fermin .
( To be continued)