Another 40 from Sevilla and...

Even though the truth is that not all of them are from Sevilla, we know that at least 19 of them come from the perrera in Jerez and a lot of other perreras in Andalucia, our friends of the Benjamin Mehnert Foundation (FBM) pick them all up to bring them to us later, this year it’s sheer madness since we are picking up galgos from all kinds of places. Isabel from FBM told me the same thing and I hope we will have a short meeting on this issue soon to find a solution. As you know we have got in touch with the galgueros to try and set up a dialogue that will solve the problem in short term, so we are hoping to set up a date soon. If they don’t I am afraid we are forced to other ways of solving this, as I told  you before.  Like I said today it is Sevilla, last weekend Toledo, a friend send me an advertisement of second hand goods where they offered galgos to give away for free and she told me that she knew we were taking care of a lot of them already and we might not be able  to help, but yes, here they are already and some of them are real beauties, like this chocolate and white female and this brown male with eyes the color of honey, or the other ones that our friends from Madrid brought in from a village in Toledo, that ones should have been broadcast on the television show called “Mascoteros”.  Anyway , today Sevilla, last weekend Toledo, tomorrow Almendralejo in Extremadura, saturday Cuenca, but I will tell you about that in another news item with other pictures so you can enjoy them. Knowing all this you think that I was going to fight over dogs in Alicante....?
With a wink and kisses  for everyone. Fermin