PRESS RELEASE 11-JanuarY-2013

The Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby was in charge of over 700 adoptions over the year 2012. The majority of these adoptions took place in Europe, 77,28% to be specific, the other 22.7% were in Spain. A much lower amount that in the rest of Europe and Scooby Medina has been trying to ameliorate this rate by campaigning for raising awareness, sensibilisation and giving information, and little by little all this work is becoming succesful.

Over 800 dogs have passed the facilities in Scooby Medina over the year 2012, which is more or less the same as last year. During this period a total of 150 dogs were adopted in Spain, the majority of which were mixed breed dogs, and nowadays you can meet them in cities like Valladolid, Cáceres, Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Vizcaya, Burgos, Tarragona, Ávila, León, Segovia, Almería, Barcelona, Girona, Palencia, Asturias, A Coruña, or Zamora.
This is set against over 500 adoptions in Europe, most of which were galgos. The French and the Italians are leading in the adoption of dogs. During this year 189 dogs were adopted in France, for which 13 drives were needed. Italy adopted 156 dogs, requiring 6 drives. The Dutch, Belgians and Slovenes are the rest of the Europeans showing their solidarity with Scooby, with respectively 99, 66, 25 and 10 adoptions.
Inhabitants of other european countries, and also Americans, have adopted a small number of Scooby animals.

Adopting out and maintenance of this amount of animals at Scooby is possible thanks to the collaboration of hundreds of individuals, volunteers, adoptants and donators whose cooperation and help has enabled this project to be up and running well for over 20 years.

In the past years the amount of work needed has increased enormously, needing more individuals participating with this activity which is very gratifying but impossible without a steady and adequate amount of maintenance.

For the activities re raising awareness and sensibilisation we will start handing out calendars to children in all kindergartens and primary schools. In total we will hand out 1.500 calendars.

For Medina del Campo we will visit the following schools:
Centros Escolares:
-        San Juan de la Cruz    75
-        Obispo Barrientos        126
-        Clemente Fernandez de la Devesa         61
-        San José Hijas de Jesus       143
-        Las Mercedes     120
-        Lope de  Vega    75
Centros de Preescolar y Guarderias
-        San Francisco     100
-        Castillo de Colores       62
-        Chiquilandia        30
-        Ludoteca Manolita        25
-        San Juan Bautista        10
Centros Escolares
-        San Gil       70
-        Santa Clara         132
-        La Villa       57
Centros de Preescolar y Guarderías
-        Los peques 27
-        Guarderia Puri    23
-        Escuela de Educación Infantil La Alborada      68
-        Colegio Público Tomás Romojaro           97
-        Colegio Los arévacos            122
-        La Moraña           87
There are two goals with this campaign; firstly making sure more people know about Scooby and the importance of animals with the smallest children, secondly making sure the population of Medina del Campo and surrounding towns and villages know more about the work done at Scooby.
We would like to thank everyone who by supporting us made it possible to bring the work of Scooby to even the smallest children.
Thank you.