Bling bling for our shining star

Estrella is one of our horses that is enjoying the good life on the Scooby farm. She was rescued from a cattle market where the supervising vet forbid her sale because of the bad shape she was in. So the journey to the slaughter house would have been her next and last journey . But instead lucky her traveled to Scooby, very skinny and with one of her back legs a little longer than the others. This is something she can live with, but she can never be ridden, so a life at the Scooby farm is perfect for her.

When she came in, she was almost as black as the night. Fermin called her Estrella (star in Spanish). But when you see her now, she is not so black anymore. Her star is shining brighter every day and in a few years she will be as white as our other big horse, Blanci. 

Lately Estrella was starting to walk a little difficult, which meant she was in need of some shoes. So the shoe smith came over and gave her a nice pair of new horse shoes. As you can see Estrella is very happy with her new bling bling on her feet and she is walking perfectly again!