44 new Galgos from Sevilla...

...plus 2 horses and 2 goats arrived on Friday evening at Scooby. 
The horses and goats to stay forever, the Galgos to leave as soon as possible again with your much appreciated help.
Because we are receiving calls for help from
perreras all over Spain now that the hunting season is coming to its end
and we are a big shelter, yes, but we also have a limited capacity in
order to make sure all dogs are being taken well care of. These ones got
80 kg of dry food straight after arrival and  baskets with blankets for
all the dogs were placed inside the house.
The 2 horses look very similar but they were rescued from very bad
conditions at different places. The mare has been locked in darkness for
many years ( she is already 28) and nobody took care for her hooves obviously.
In the pictures you can easily tell the mare from the stallion by the way,
They are both far too skinny and need to gain quite some weight but we

are sure we will succeed in turning them into happy creatures again!
The slide show is a bit longer this time, so lean back and enjoy!