This beautiful Galgo head in silver is being made by Henriette Humphris in Switzerland.
She kindly offered to use her silversmith skills to support Scooby and so we can offer you this precious piece for an attractive price since we only have to make her up for the pure material costs.
It comes along with a caoutchuc necklace to make sure that also the vegans among you can wear it!
Every item will be hand-made after your order so it might take a little time but it is for sure worth to wait  a bit for this fancy jewelry!
You can order it at: silverbakery@hotmail.com

Price: 35 Euro + 2 Euro Postage

You can make payment to every Scooby account on our HELP-US page .
Please, after the money has been transferred, notify Henriette to which account you paid so we can confirm the payment to her as soon as possible.