And we’re going to....

Hello my friends,  I have to tell you something, incredible but true and all this thanks to you. The thing is that, I don’t know if you have noticed, on our adoption pages there are practically no galgos and you have made this possible. You have given them a home and now our galgos are talking French, Italian, German, Flemish, Dutch, Slovenic and even some are talking English!  So they are already at your homes and this will leave us room to help other galgos from doghouses and we’re going to pick them up, the first ones are coming from Sevilla, the Cuenca, Toledo, Moron, Valladolid, Madrid and they are waiting for us in many other places so please continue adopting them!  It is a pleasure being able to give you this news, greetings and we will keep you informed when they start arriving.
Till soon, Fermin