A Muffin for your heart and soul

MUFFIN was a stray dog.Her first days at Scooby were difficult.And now…well,now,she is one of the happy,I would say happiest,garden dogs.There´s always water and nice food.She has a house with soft beds where she can sleep in the cold and rainy days.And,most of all,she has friends(humans and dogs).She is 6 years old but she is healthy and looks younger.

And now that she feels relaxed and at ease she is showing a playful character.Muffin is kind and gentle,modest and friendly.But there´s one word which will appear in any description of her:good,she is a really good doggy.She is never sad or angry,never growling or fighting…When someone approaches the fence she runs but not to attack but to welcome them.She loves being with people;she gives you soft hugs that take away all your pains and problems.And she also likes being with other dogs,specially the ones who are quiet and harmless like her.Her best friend is galga Salina who will  leave for Italy.We wish Muffin the same good luck and we´ll love to see her soon sleeping in someone´s lap