A Sunday like any other

I am going to tell you a story and although I know that these bits of news don’t have much to do with Scooby, I like to share them with you in case the same thing happens to you. On a day like today I get up and while I am trying to wake up, I start preparing my coffee with soymilk and my usual green tea, and while I am doing that I look out the window and I see all these little birds. Or better said, I hear them, and they come to eat here, especially in the wintertime  when there is not much food to find out there in the countryside, so if you can please help these little birds because with all the pollution their numbers are dwindling and the world would be sad without them.

Then I take some treats and I go into a few of the patios to feed a few of our dogs, most of the times the most sorry ones, this time it’s the turn of the oldies because some new ones have arrived, I wanted to see how they were, they bite my fingers a bit but it is very nice to see all of them standing around waiting for their treat.
Then I get closer to the entrance and I stop to look at some new galgos that arrived from Cuenca, the sun has come out and they are lying down in the sunshine and I tell Melissa that this is exactly what I like about Scooby, to see the galgos enjoying themselves in a liberty that they never have experienced before.
And then it is time to dedicate some time to those who live with me; Tino, Coria and Laura are looking spectacular with their jackets on and we take a walk around the Scooby farm, and the dogs are running around and having a good time, especially Tino who is barking at goats and sheep and these poor ones are starting to run. So I yell at him to leave them alone and then we come to the donkeys, and Tino is barking at them to challenge them to chase him, and both sides are enjoying themselves. The bad thing about a walk like this is that I don’t know exactly why but they love to eat the donkeyshit, and even though I forbid them, they do manage to eat some and I don’t understand because they get all the food they want.

I don’t deny that so far everything seems absolutely heavenly and I am sure that you would change places with me any time. Is there anything nicer for an animal lover? The big problem arrives at night when my dogs come in to sleep, especially Coria and that is when the chemical warfare begins. I don’t know if the donkeyshit is to blame, that it turns into a weapon of mass destruction in a dogs intestines but the truth is that their farts are absolutely unbearable, and Coria is really normally passing a lot of gas, but after eating donkeyshit it is becoming even worse, please believe me that four farts from Coria could kill any army... A good thing that the American army doesn’t know about it yet, otherwise they would take her from me and bring her to Afghanistan and I am sure the Taliban will surrender in 15 minutes!  But what can we do, not everything can be perfect
Till soon, Fermin