Well yes, we have been to Cuenca

We started in Cuenca, emptying the doghouse again from galgos, males and females, black and brindle, because they all deserve a place in our heart. This time we also brought a little podenco with us that is already a little older and several galgas with problems, one galgo with eye injuries.

 Even though I know that Pilar is doing her best for all of them, I am afraid that she cannot  get to all the places. This little and very thin female galga arrived there only shortly before and she has already tested negative for Leishmania and Erlichia, now it is our turn to care for her and find out what is the matter with her.

We brought 35 galgos and 1 podenco in from Cuenca, we’ve also been to the doghouse in Valladolid and brought 4 home from there, and we have 4 coming from Madrid. Like I told you before, thanks to you we have room for more galgos and the next ones will arrive shortly, and in the meantime we will take care of these ones and prepare everything so they will appear on our webpage shortly. Greetings, Fermin