A wall for the human females

Lately we were discussing about the fact that we have too few volunteers coming to Scooby during the cold months from November to February and Fermín asked what we could do increase the comfort for them. Being a woman myself and having spent several times at Scooby in winter I said that for me it is always quite a challenge to come in from the cold outside and then completely undress in the ice-cold bathroom for taking a ( badly needed) shower. And another one to stir out again, leaving the warm vapour behind the shower curtain ;-) And that our bathroom is far too big to increase the temperature to feelgood factor within a short while.  A solution was quickly found, a wall to separate the toilet, shower and washbasin. The very next day Fermín asked the workers to do it and now it is already finished. A man of his word!
So you see, we don´t only care for our animals but also for the people dedicated to them!