A quick pickup

Or I should say two pickups, because I did one and Oscar another, two galgos, one male and one female. The male we picked up in a village in Salamanca were he had been roaming about for two years already and the priest of the village always left some food for him, so nobody else paid any attention until the priest moved to another place and there was nobody to feed him. Will you be the one taking care of his food from now on?

The other is a little female galgo that I picked up in Villoslada, a very small village in Segovia and pretty far out. The thing is that we were called to pick her up,  and we of course told them that they would have to try closing her in or putting her in a patio somewhere so we could pick her up from there and that is what they did. What happened is that I came to the village, arrived at the house and the man told me it would be difficult to catch her and the best would be that we would give her something to eat and he appeared with a piece of bacon to give to her and the galga refused, she didn’t want it, and that’s where I come in, get down and she comes closer very slowly, I let her smell my hand, she comes even closer and simply lets herself be caught without any problem. The neighbours hallucinated and told me that I had hypnotized her. Nothing further from the truth, she is just a lovely dog but these people in the village now think I have special powers and with a simple look the galgos fall at my feet.. nothing like that but it’s just a simple question of talking to them lovingly.
Greetings and till soon