The sad story of Mora

Mora has known abandonment from the beginning of her life, she was abandoned when she was just a puppy and that’s how she ended up in the doghouse in the northern part of Spain. Like all the other dogs she wanted to get out of there but nobody came to take her. The day she would be put down came nearer and she moved her little tail to everybody that came, hoping she was lucky and they would notice her, but nobody did.
Not knowing about her sad fate, she was happy and innocent like every other puppy every time somebody came to see her, and she starting crying to plead for attention. One day her luck changed and a woman noticed her, she started crying and jumping and asking to be picked up, and the woman did, picked her up in her warm arms and told her „I am going to take you out of here“.
Everything was fine, finally Mora had a home with a warm bed, food, and most importantly love from her mistress. The two of them were very happy together and kept eachother company untill something terrible happened: her mistress was diagnosed with a terrible disease and she needed to be treated urgently and Mora had to stay at home all by herself. Untill her mistress got better she took the decision to put Mora in a temporary home but she did not like it too much because it reminded her of the cold place were she was almost put down.
Since the illness of her mistress progressed and worsened, her mistress had to make a terrible decision to find another adoptant for Mora, so that Mora would not suffer more and would be able to find a definite good home. She contacted Scooby and we were more than willing to help Mora and find her a new suitable family.

Now Mora is at Scooby and she doesn’t like it much, since she has gotten so used to the attention of her mistress and we unfortunately cannot give it to her in the way she is used to, it breaks our heart to see her so sad and scared and that is why we try to spend as much time with her as possible, but she really needs a home urgently where  she will be taken care of, loved and caressed. Does somebody want to give it to her?

PS Mora already found a new home meanwhile;-)