Lillifee – hit by a train

On Friday we got a phone call from the Guardia Civil who has been informed by workers of the railway. They found a Mastina on the tracks, a big head wound, unable to stand up. So we put the stretcher in the car and went to pick her up.
Back at the shelter I did a first aid treatment right away since our vet had already left for the weekend. Although it must have hurt a lot, her ear his almost torn off,  we could even take off the muzzle again later because she was so very kind and sweet despite of her pain that it was not needed at all.
But this flesh wound is not the main problem…
Today we took her to a clinic for an x-ray and the result you can see in the slide show. You don´t need to be a specialist to realize that with fractures like she has in 2 legs on one side and also a comminuted fracture in the foot on the same side, and being a big and heavy dog, it will not be easy to get her back to walking, if it will work at all. But anyway, we wouldn´t be Scooby if we would simply give her up and so she is gonna have a surgery next week. And we hope so much it will work for her. She is so cute, wags her tail already when we approach to give food, water, medicines or cuddles, it would be very hard to let her go. 
We would be very grateful if you´d help us with covering the vet expenses for Lillifee and will keep you posted about her!
Thank you,