Rayo - from Spain to America

Rayo arrived at JFK airport on April 8, 2012. Ironically, it was Easter Sunday and the volunteers who brought him from Scooby were Margie and Darryl Easter. He had come a long way and still had several hours to go by car to reach his new home in Pennsylvania.
Rayo lives with an ex-racing Greyhound (Jamie), 2 Italian Greyhounds (Cashew and Leah), a Silky Terrier (Flirt), 3 Parrots and several foster dogs. He enjoys running in our friend Jennifer's big fenced in yard with his canine housemates. 

Since arriving in the USA, Rayo has graduated from beginners obedience class, passed his testing and observations with Therapy Dogs Incorporated and had just passed the therapy dog 
evaluation with Pet Partners. He loves to go visiting people and enjoys the interaction regardless of the person's disability. His next step will be to become a Crisis Response dog to help people and first responders dealing with trauma. 
Rayo has become an ambassador for Galgos in Spain and will hopefully do his part in educating people of the plight of the Galgo. 

Thank you to Diane, Eva, the Easters and the Scooby staff for sending me this wonderful boy!

Debbie Jordan