Residencia update: 24 reasons why we are happy to pick up shit.....

In the year the residencia has opened, we have been able to provide a temporary and safe shelter to a lot of dogs from different foundations in Spain and abroad. The people from these foundations try to save as many “death row” dogs from the perreras and are looking for temporary shelters untill these dogs can be adopted. Fortunately more and more people are able to find the residencia so these doggies don’t have to go play at the other end of the “rainbow bridge” but can have a shot at a new and better life at this side of the bridge.
Among the happy few were 23 dogs that Scooby rescued directly from the perreras, which is a good thing, otherwise they would have been waiting on the other side of the famous bridge for their worthless master.. In my opinion not a good thing, since he was the one putting them there in the first place!

The first ones coming in from the perrera in Simancas, were three beauties, galgas named Perla, Nieve and Princessa, dropped there by the same boss, incredible, but all three were reserved very quickly by a French foundation, they were adopted straight away and live their life in luxury as it should be! 

Then Tom came, from the perrera in Salamanca, really a beautiful white/beige galgo, a little timid but with some loving attention his selfesteem came back again little by little. Dear Tom left quickly for France as well, where he is being adored by a sweet family and he really deserves nothing else!

And  Sarah, a beautiful galga/pointer mix that came from the perrera in Simancas. She is about 5 years old but she will still be able to give you about 10 years of real dog loyalty and friendship. She really doesn’t like to be in a kennel and that is why we are urgently looking for a great family that will be able to give her a much better life. We know that family exists but they probably never heard of Sarah.. so here she is!

Mora, a beautiful black galga, we had removed from the perrera in Salamanca. She was very traumatized and completely panicked when we tried to put a collar with a leash on her, but now she has been adopted in France and she is doing a lot better now.
We found three more in the perrera in Simancas, a beautiful long haired brindle male (shame on me, I forgot his name), Noah, a dramatically skinny galga, and Fuego, very thin but also very beautiful and a bit timid. The long haired male already left for France and  Noah and Fuego are heading the same way in September.

Shortly afterward that damned perrera in Simancas had another 5. Exquisitly beautiful galga’s, all 5 of them, Chistera, Jewel, Bijou, Chantelle and Aphrodite. No wonder these beauties left for France very quickly and are having a wonderful life there now. The next two victims from Simancas were Elise and Freekles. Their boss was a bullfighter and did not want them anymore. Elise was a truly magnificent galgamix with beautiful long hair who was adopted very quickly and Freekles is now also a resident in France.

Things got  little quieter in the Simancas perrera and we were able to save Flamenca from a certain death. A very sweet and beautiful female who found her warm bed in the Netherlands already. A few weeks later they had 2 again at the same time. Yago, a super sweet dog and Flecha, a girl just as sweet. Both are moving to Italy very soon where Flecha is eagerly anticipated by a family that wants to adopt her, and for Yago a home is being searched.

A few weeks ago another three were found in the perrera in Simancas, Tequila and Fiesta, two precious galga girls, and TurrĂ³n, a beautiful black and white galgo male. All three of them are taking a bus trip to Italy shortly where they will enjoy the rest of their lives, as they should be.

The people who send these precious dogs to the perreras to be killed are ruthless people and completely out of their minds.
If for these galgo’s the day has come to cross that rainbow bridge, they will not have to wait on the other side for their worthless old masters to arrive, but they can wait there, happily wagging their tails, for their last masters, the ones that treated them with kindness and love, took care of them and the ones that gave them the life they deserved. What could be better?