Introduced with video - XANDER:

This is a short summary of the Dutch original!
Can i introduce you all to Xander ?
A crazy, but nice, adolescent dog.
So, this is Xander...
He still needs a bit of upbringing.
Despite the other dogs here, he suffers from boredom.
He especially needs guidance and rules.
What he also does is: he "bites" in your hand and face but it's just frustration an NOT evil. He
just wants rules, guidance,attention an exercise.
I can also say a lot of lovingly things about him.
Xander is a pleasant, nice, sweet, curious and inquisitive dog.
And he loves to cuddle and hiking.
So do you like a challenge ??
Maybe you want to adopt this sweet dog.

So Xander, i hope you will get lucky but for now Go and play with your friends.....