Volunteering at Scooby, July 2011

It was for me the 7th time at Scooby but like always you never know what comes across this time and what kind of work is waiting for you. After saying ‘hola’to everyone my week started with clearing up the portocabine.

My work in the Netherlands is veterinary surgeon assistant and if you arrive then in Scooby it’s a shock of ones life in what kind of circumstances the veterinary surgeon in Scooby has to work! Because of chronic time lacks the steady employees do not have enough time for this I gladly put my hands in the cleaning hand shoes!

Then the medicine explanation was given to me, which dogs, where they sit, which medicines, for which diseases etc. etc. With the medicine round you nevertheless are 2 times per day quite busy!

Walking at Scooby you see work everywhere, therefore every now and then you do all kinds of work. Shovel dogshit, look after wounds, check water buckets in the paddocks, cleaning storehouses etc.

Juan (manager) asked me to do an enormous tough job, wich was very necessary to tackle, namely ‘spring-cleaning’ and re-arranging the storehouse across the portacabine. I thought where do I start, HELP! During the job, I more and more saw result coming forward, and that keeps you continuing. I have been busy with this almost the complete week (in the meantime of course other activities were passing over), but what a difference! It gives you nevertheless a deliciously satisfied feeling to that! Therefore, kind people, please keep everything neat.!!!

Friday there went again a transport to the Netherlands, therefore we had to pick up some dogs at the residencia of Cobie in Valladolid, and I had the privilege to go along! Very nice to see this of course, but also there a lof of doggies waiting for a house. Cobie go for it!!! Hundred kisses for you!! Very beautiful to see departing the transport, a bus full of happy dogs going to their golden baskets, that makes me happy.

And then my departure came terrifying nearby ..... Time for farewell. And blimey what troubles does it take me, with water in my eyes I now sit in the train. Because all those nice continuing people, who feel from day 1 as a second family, all that kind dog eyes who touch you to your soul! I certainly know that this makes you always return.

KIND SCOOBYPEOPLE continue all the good work!!! Hats off for all of you!!

See you all soon,